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Product Certification
The certification ensures the quality and different parameters like safety, durability and other characteristics of the product. Now it is also gaining a demand as legal requirement for many manufacturers of different types of products, components and accessories that are going in the global market. In addition to it, it is also a compulsory requirement for many manufacturers to have their product tested and gets technically verified. By this additional voluntary testing and certification, organizations can supersede over the other contemporary organizations and can also insure the buyers and customers about the quality and safety of the product. We are independent product certification body, providing services for vast range of products for mandatory as well as voluntary certification and approval schemes.

CE Marking

Different organization of EU (European Union 28 countries of Europe) it is a legal compulsion needed for all products which are sold in their respective territories. By adding the certificate with the product and signing the declaration of conformity, the organization or the supplier declares to the EU that the minimum directive by them has been fulfilled. It gives assurance about the entry of the product in EU and allow its free movement in all the 28 countries.