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AMSPL has been offering services in many management systems since 2018. We have a distinguished group of professionals who audit organizations and assist them in raising the calibre and effectiveness of their management system. The certification enhances its credibility and demonstrates to the stakeholders the relevance of the organisation towards them.
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1. It was a delightful experience to work with AMSPL. The auditors, their methodology of work and their technical expertise is marvellous. They provide very good insights for continuous and comprehensive improvement. They are not only worth the money but also have high ethical & moral standards. We will consider AMSPL for future services.
- Manoj A.P Nexus Power Systems
AMSPL not only provided feedback for continuous enhancement in our work but also cleared lots of doubts regarding the whole auditing process. The kind of professionalism they had shown during the audit is really appreciable. The way they work shows their honest, dedication and their crystal clear knowledge towards the subject matter. We are looking forward to work with AMSPL in future.
- Vandana Baksi Mark Pvt Ltd.