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About us

The endeavourous journey of AMSPL was started in 2018 in India, We are one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic certification, auditing, inspection and training organizations. We are totally concerned about the client’s issues; henceforth we work with a very marvelous team of well trained and qualified people, who have ample amount of experience in their respective fields. Our work area comprises not only Indian subcontinent, but other countries too. Our key axiom is to provide customers solutions based on their satisfaction, the required safety measures, looking the quality,social, in a sustainable as well as cost efficient way. We always look after the importance of transparency and impartiality in our work procedure. We have a proper system that works as watchdog to avoid the conflict of interest and ensures the perfection in all our assignments which include management system certification, inspection, auditing, training and personal certification and products. Our modest and humble professionals always stand with the clients to help and serve them regarding any query. We believe in developing a faithful and unbiased relationship.